Members are our greatest asset. As we increase the number and diversity of our membership, we add power, knowledge and experience to our collective voice. Join us and become a part of our community within the Texas construction industry.

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Government Affairs

Since 1998, TCA has represented the interests of specialty contractors and suppliers in Texas. Our experienced government affairs staff advocates for legislative reforms that impact your businesses.

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Member Resources

TCA membership includes a collection of resources to help you find answers to questions and solve construction industry challenges.

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out of every 100 working Texans works in the Construction Industry
Private employment in Texas construction reached 753,231 workers last year
Texas Construction Safety Group dividends since 2005
Construction employment expected to double in Texas between 2020 & 2030

"I’m a big supporter of the TCA PAC -- it is a vital part of our effectiveness at the Texas Capitol. PAC funds help TCA support elected officials who show support for issues impacting the construction industry. If you are not a member of the TCA PAC, I urge you to join today!"

"Since 2005, TCA has endorsed the Texas Construction Safety Group, a workers’ compensation program through Texas Mutual Insurance, the largest workers compensation insurance carrier in Texas. This partnership allows their members to lower their cost through increased premium discounts as well as the opportunity to earn a 2nd Texas Mutual dividend!"

"The 86th legislative session was one of the most productive in recent memory for the construction industry. This was in large part due to the collaborative nature of the legislative session and the hard work of numerous legislators. But, of course, the successes for the industry would not have occurred but for the dedication, expertise, and toil of industry leaders, professionals, attorneys, and other stakeholders."


Join now! With your generous contribution to the TCA PAC, we will continue to fight for and against new laws and regulations impacting your business and our industry. No amount is too small and every dollar will be used to support elected officials and candidates who understand our issues and will fight for our industry at the Texas Capitol.