2022 TCA Leadership 



Jerry Bratton, Chair
Bratton Steel

David Stone, Vice-Chair
American Fire Systems 

Chris Lambert, Secretary
L&O Electric 

Andy Adams, Treasurer
Adams Insurance


Carmen Autry 
American Subcontractor Association - North Texas Chapter

Kevin Camarata 
Texas Masonry Council

Keith Colvin
Texas Iron Workers Employers' Association

Brian Shahan
Painting Contractors Association

Doug Gregory
Mechanical Contractors Associations

Monty Oehrlein 
Precast Concrete Manufacturers Association

Paul Holden
Subcontractors Association of the Metroplex

Mike Kanetzky 
National Electrical Contractors Association Texas Chapters

Robbie Ketch
DFW Drywall & Acoustical Contractors Association

Ronnie Gonzales
Southwest Terrazzo Association

David E. Mouton, Jr. - Texas Lathing & Plastering Contractors Association

Denise Baker
Texas Glass Association

Phil Nevlud 
American Subcontractors Association - Texas Chapters 

Courtney Talley
National Utility Contractors Association                                                                                                                                     

Allan Woodruff
Texas Crane Owners Association