Find and Track Legislation

The Texas Legislature has made several digital resources available to the public. All legislation can be searched and tracked via the Texas Legislature Online (TLO) website

TLO has several search features for legislation. First, ensure you are searching during the correct legislative session. Then you can enter a specific bill number (no periods – HB, SB, HR, SR, HJR, SJR) or search by word or phrase. To perform a broader search, go to “Bill Search”. This allows you to search by Author/Sponsor, Subject, Committee, Action, or any combination thereof. More advanced search options are also available (e.g. Sections Affected).

In addition to search features, TLO allows anyone to create a “My TLO” account to track bills and receive movement alerts.

TLO also has other valuable links to House and Senate Daily Calendars, video broadcasts and archives, and Capitol Complex visitor information.