Objectives & Accomplishments

Since its founding in 1998, TCA has led the way in lobbying for evenhanded construction law and unbiased regulations in the construction industry. TCA has grown to represent over 2600 subcontractors and suppliers in such issues as:

  • prompt payment
  • banning unreasonable indemnification clauses
  • lien law reform
  • surety issues
  • retainage
  • the elimination of reverse auctions for construction
  • workers’ compensation reform
  • setting standards for consolidated insurance programs
  • contingent payment clauses 

You can learn more about current issues here.

Out of approximately 6,000 bills that are filed by the Texas Legislature every session, TCA’s experienced governmental affairs staff monitors approximately 300 bills each legislative session that impact the construction industry and it will lobby on many of those that have suffiecient activity during the process.

When the legislature is not in session, TCA members educate legislative candidates about TCA’s issues. The Texas Construction Association’s active Political Action Committee(TCA-PAC), provides support to candidates seeking legislative and statewide offices. The money raised by the TCA-PAC is distributed to candidates who support TCA issues.

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