TCA Celebrates 25 Years!



November 13th 2023 (Austin) – The Texas Construction Association is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this Fall, and TCA recently took the celebrations to its members in Texas’ four largest cities: San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin.

TCA is dedicated to creating and maintaining a vibrant and prosperous business climate in Texas to support the Texas construction industry. It was founded in 1998 by Texas construction specialty trade subcontractors and suppliers. While very small in the first few years, TCA has grown to well over 3,000 member companies across Texas and also includes 16-member trade associations operating in the Lone Star State.

Anniversary celebrations occurred in October and November at the San Antonio Zoo, St. Arnold’s Brewery in Houston, Community Beer in Dallas and atop the SXSW Building in downtown Austin. Food and drink were offered at the parties and attendees were also shown the TCA 25th Anniversary Documentary which highlighted the key events & people who forged the creation of the Texas Construction Association twenty-five years ago.

“See this! All these beautiful buildings and the work that went into them? That’s what we’re all about,” said TCA President and CEO Raymond Risk in remarks to the Austin audience who celebrated the event with a view of the Austin skyline.

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