Letter from the President



Happy New Year!  

If the first few days of 2022 are any indication, this upcoming year will undoubtedly be one for the books.  With the surge in the Omicron variant and ongoing supply chain delays, I know you are dealing with complex issues in your business on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, I do not have a panacea; however, I can tell you that TCA is working for you and the Texas construction industry.

Don’t forget about the upcoming 2022 Primary Elections on March 1st – early voting begins February 14th.  And keep an eye on your inbox for information about Spring fundraisers for the TCA?PAC in your area.  It is an unavoidable fact that election campaigns cost money, and it is imperative that we raise funds for the TCA?PAC so we can support the candidates who support the construction industry and TCA issues.

Finally, the next legislative session is just about a year away and the TCA board of directors is beginning to evaluate issues for our 2023 Texas legislative agenda.  If you have an issue that you believe needs to be addressed by the Texas Legislature, please reach out to Jennifer Fagan, our Vice President for Governmental Affairs.

Thank you for your membership and best wishes for a prosperous 2022!