2021 TCA Legislative Agenda



Design Defect Litigation Reform – S.B. 219 by Hughes/H.B. 1418 by Leach
Texas should join 48 other states by following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision stating that the construction team should not be liable for damages for construction that is defective due to erroneous design documents furnished by the owner.

Lien Law Update – H.B. 2237 by Burrows
The Texas construction lien law system needs to be updated to enable general contractors and subcontractors to comply more easily with the law without having to engage legal counsel for each project.

Securing Retainage – H.B. 1679 by Romero
Statutory changes are necessary to ensure that the construction team's contribution to the financing of the project is secured, and survives the foreclosure by a bank in the event of owner default

Payment & Performance Bonds – H.B.1477 by K. Bell/S.B. 1014 by Buckingham
Payment and Performance Bonds should be required for all construction projects on publicly-owned land.

Texas Business Uniformity Act -- S.B. 14 by Creighton
As a member of the Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy of Texas (ASSET), TCA supports the Texas Business Uniformity Act which will stabilize the current business environment by ensuring the regulatory climate in Texas is consistent and uniform.  It is critical to remove barriers that could prevent a full and robust recovery of the Texas economy growth.