COVID-19 Update



Opening Texas

As of March 10, 2021, pursuant to Governor Abbott's Executive Order GA-34, the prior mask mandate has been lifted and all businesses are allowed to open up to 100% capacity. 

Texas businesses and local governmental entities are still able to adopt occupancy restrictions and mandate masks on their premises.  Additionally, if COVID-19 hospitalizations in any of the 22 hospital regions in Texas get above 15% of the hospital bed capacity in that region for seven straight days, a County Judge may mandate COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

More information may be found at the Governor's Strike Force to Open Texas website.  This website includes information for businesses as well as consumers who patronize the newly reopened industries.

Texts of the Governor's Executive Orders can be found on the Legislative Reference Library's website.


Local COVID-19 Related Orders

Select Local Government Orders

  • The City of Austin and Travis County have extended their mask mandates to April 21, 2021.  Attorney General Paxton filed suit in Travis County Court to enjoin the orders; the temporary injunction was denied; trial is scheduled for March 26, 2021.


    Federal Government Resources

    U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

    OSHA Guidance and Enforcement Resources

    Federal Department of Labor Resources

    Other Resources


    Insurance Resources

    Click HERE for the Texas Mutual's Caronavirus Resource website.

    Also, courtesy of the International Risk Management Institute, below are links to some articles on insurance coverage issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. 


    Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Donations

    There is an urgent need for personal protection equipment, in particular N95 face masks, paper face masks and face shields, and disposable gloves.  The Texas College of Emergency Physicians and the Texas Medical Association have organized the following donation spots across the state.  Search your inventory and deliver anything you can spare to one of the locations across the state.  It is critical that we support our health workers during this crisis.

    The Texas Medical Association maintains a website with details for PPE Donation Sites around the state.  The website may be found HERE.