The Texas House has set the following bills on their calendar for debate and vote next Tuesday, April 23rd and Wednesday, April 24th



Contact your Representative today and tell them to

VOTE YES on HB 1734, HB 1999 and HB 790



HB 1734 by Holland – School District Construction Defect Litigation -- This bill addresses the construction defect litigation by school districts.  It restricts the purposes for which a school district can use funds gained through construction defect litigation and broadens accountability and reporting requirements with the Texas Education Agency.  HB 1734 has been set on the House Calendar for April 23rd.


HB 790 by Davis, S – Attorney’s Fees Loophole.    This bill closes the loophole in the Civil Practices & Remedies Code that prevents recovery of attorney’s fees from limited liability companies.  The bill also adds in the state, or a state agency or institution of the state.  HB 790 has been set on the House Calendar for consideration on the floor on April 24th.


HB 1999 by Leach – Right to Repair for Public Projects – This bill requires a report identifying potential construction defects and allows for a period of inspection and repair by contractors before a lawsuit may be filed.  HB 1999 has been set on House Calendar for April 24th


When you contact your representative, remember to include specific information about how each of the bills will help your business. 


For tips on addressing emails and/or letters, see the TCA website at under the Legislation tab.


If you have any questions, or need information about attending the hearing in person, please email me at and I’ll provide more information.