Consolidated Insurance Programs (CIPs).  Known typically as Owner Controlled or Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs, “Wrap-up” programs continue to be widely used by the construction industry in Texas.  While possibly a money-saver for the Owner, currently there are no standards governing CIPs and their administration.  Most subcontractors working under a CIP on a construction project have not been provided information to allow them to compare their liability coverage under a CIP with their own insurance program.  Legislation should be passed that, at a minimum, would require information on coverages and limits of a CIP be provided in writing to subcontractors before bidding on and before signing a contract for a construction project. 

The Consolidated Insurance Program bill for the 84th Texas Legislature has been filed. Read House Bill 1206, or SB 1081 for more information.

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In addition, click on the following links to view drafts of legislation filed in previous legislative sessions.  Read 2009 CIP Legislation.   Read 2007 CIP Legislation.  

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In 2013, the state of Florida enacted a law regulating CIPs for public construction projects.  Some of the issues addressed in the law included requiring a minimum of 10 years completed operations coverage, requiring the bid specifications for a project to clearly specify insurance coverage provided under the program, and allowing a contractor or subcontractor to purchase additional insurance coverage.  Below is the link to the Florida statute.