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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A political action committee is the name given to a group organized to combine the contributions of many individuals and make contributions to elect or defeat candidates for public office. 

What does the Texas Construction Association PAC (TCA★PAC) do?

The Texas Construction Association PAC is organized primarily to make contributions to individuals running for the Texas Legislature.  Contributions are also often made to Texas statewide races such as those for governor, lieutenant governor and comptroller.

Why do subcontractors and suppliers need a PAC?

The Texas Legislature is involved in your business.  Its decisions affect the way you do your business every day.  It passes or defeats laws involving your taxes, your tort liability, your contracts, your insurance protection, the roads you travel, the education of your workforce, and a myriad of other issues.  In order to have a say in these issues, you have to be involved and your association must have the ability to make contributions to candidates who are sympathetic to your issues.  If only your opponents have a PAC, you can rest assured that they are not advancing your interests.

Who decides where the TCA★PAC money goes?

The TCA staff provides information about the candidates to the TCA★PAC Board.  The board is made up of subcontractors and suppliers and ultimately determines which candidates to support or oppose.  Factors considered include a candidate’s position on construction issues, support by local subcontractors and suppliers, and the candidate’s ability to win.

Why should I contribute to the TCA★PAC when I already make contributions to candidates?

The TCA★PAC is able to pool the resources of numerous subcontractors to have a greater impact than a single individual.  Individual contributions are important, and TCA members are encouraged to continue making individual contributions, but the combined dollars of the PAC has a greater impact on more races.

If I contribute to the TCA★PAC, do I have a say as to where the dollars go?

All contributors to the PAC can let the PAC Board know which candidates the contributor supports or opposes.  Input from members is one of the criteria used to make decisions to support or oppose. 

Are there limits on how much I can contribute?

There are no limits to how much an individual can contribute to the PAC.  The only limitation is that corporate funds cannot be used as contributions to candidates for the Legislature and statewide offices in Texas.  The PAC contributions to the candidates have to be non-corporate dollars.  Thus the funds contributed to the PAC must be non-corporate funds.

When should I make a contribution?

Right now. Contributions to the PAC can be made throughout the year.                 

How do I become involved with TCA★PAC?

Easy.  Contact the Texas Construction Association if you want to become involved.  To contribute monetarily, complete the form above and return to the TCA PAC at 1011 San Jacinto Blvd., Suite 330, Austin, Texas 78701.  For more information on the PAC or to volunteer to be on the PAC Board, contact TCA at 512-473-3773.